Sangeetshri school of music is a wonderful place for kids who are really interested in learning Hindustaani classical music. My son has been learning for almost 3 years and recently my daughter who was learning carnatic music was inclined towards hindustaani looking at her younger brother perform. Vijayshree ji is an excellent teacher and there is so much passion and love in her teaching. Both my kids really enjoy learning from Vijayshree ji. My kids are blessed to have such a wondergul teacher who loves imparts the knowledge of hindustaani music beautifully!!

–Shyamala Kannan

I love this school because of the dedication, commitment and the love shown by the teacher – Vijayshreeji – towards the students. She is my guru and also for my two kids. We have been associated with this school since its inception and I have tremendous respect fro the school, and the way the lessons are imparted with passion, authenticity, and a desire to further the Hindustani Classical Music tradition with depth and breadth. I would recommend this school and the teacher for any student who is serious about learning this traditional art form. You will not be disappointed!

–Chetana Kadatoka-Patibanda

Sangeetshri school of music is one of the integral parts of my daughter’s life and of my life. My now 10 year old has been learning music from Vijayshree mam since the last 5.5 years. And I cannot even begin to explain the vital role that this education plays in her life. In fact, recently I started learning as well and I must say one thing – these 40 minutes every week are the moments of meditative experience that I look forwards to. I can go on and on, but will stop with this – Thank you Vijayshree Mam.

–Payal Tandon

We love Sangeetshri School of Music as it gives us opportunity to learn the fundamental and advanced levels of Hindustani Classical vocal music in an incremental manner. My daughter and I have been learning vocal music for the last 3 years and feel lucky that we found this extraordinary music school here in Phoenix Valley. Vijayshree Ma’am teaches in a way that builds the love for this art form in students having different styles  belonging to different age groups from as young as 5 to adults. Sangeetshri School of Music is one of its kind in the valley!! Thank you Vijayshree Ma’am, we look forward to the experience every week.

–Radhika Katti-Dwivedi

My son, Navaneeth has been learning from Dr. Vijayshree starting from 2009 (when he was 4 years old and he is now 14 years old). Whatever he has achieved is so far is because of Dr. Vijayshree and her constant encouragement, support, and teachings. She is an integral part of Navaneeth’s musical journey. We are glad that we have such a good school in the valley and I would strongly recommend for any one who is thinking of starting or continuing their music career with Dr. Vijayshree. She is extremely meticulous, dedicated and take care of her students from all ages.

–Unni Vadakkan

Absolutely the best I have tried.  I have learned so much from them.

–Fiona Robertson

A great school for authentic Indian classical music education and learning from a very highly educated teacher.

–Prashant Gupta

My two girls are so blessed to learn Hindustani classical music from Vijayshree Sharma ji. She is so dedicated, passionated and talented. I highly recommend her. Thank you for teaching and sharing the music knowledge.

–Sandhya Kumar

I have seen a dedicated teacher and an understanding human in Vidushi Vijayashree Ji…. She treats all her students with equal respect and love…. Thanks to Sangeetshri School of Music. Would highly recommend this school to all those who want to learn Hindustani Classical music in Phoenix…”

–Raghunandan Bhargava

I’ve been a part of Sangeetshri School of Music since 2005 and it is an honor for me to learn Hindustani classical music from Vijayshree Aunty. She is an excellent teacher with great passion and dedication along with patience and understanding. Over the years I have seen myself grow as an individual and as a performer. I have also greatly expanded my knowledge Hindustani classical music. She conducts classes at all levels and caters to each students unique strengths and helps them grow in their musical journey. I am proud to be associated with Sangeetshri School of Music and I glad that I am able to pursue my interest in Hindustani classical music in Phoenix. I would highly recommend this school for anyone who is passionate about learning and pursuing Hindustani classical music.

–Divya Mahendra

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